The useful ICD-9 conversion table

Earlier today, NCHS released its updated Conversion Table of ICD-9 codes. Most of you probably have not heard of this, but it can be useful as you try to assess what code changes will actually mean to changes in your coding.

Every code change from 1986 to 2010 is listed in this table, and the table shows what codes have been replaced, or created in place of, others. For example, the stuttering codes (now called “fluency disorders) have been getting many updates and specificity improvements. P. 11 shows your that 315.35, Childhood onset fluency disorder) which is effective this October 1, is replacing 307.0, Stuttering. (307.0, as of October 1, will be Adult onset fluency disorder.

Any change for FY2011 is listed in bold in the table, and you can review older code changes throughout the table. It’s like a history of code changes in chart form.

The chart does not explain what changes (new codes, new titles, new specificity) are involved, but it will give you a clue and a key to looking at how your coding my change.

Looking for the conversion table?

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