HTN on the case-mix chopping block

A part of the HHPPS payment adjustment for 2011 includes a proposal to remove 401.9, Unspecified Essential Hypertension, and 401.1, Benign Essential Hypertension, from the case-mix list because an analysis shows that patients with these diagnoses don’t use more resources than other patients. This is a huge change, as HTN is an accepted comorbidity that is always coded because it can influence a patient’s health and resource usage.

Read more in the document here, and keep looking on this blog for more news as I review the whole document and post more information.

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2 Comments to “HTN on the case-mix chopping block”

  1. Hello, just curious as to whether to use of the 401.9 code has been taken off of the case mix list or if it is still ok to use. thanks!

    • Regardless of whether 401.9 is on the case mix list, it is OK to use. It is a valid code, and should be used when documentation and patient care merits it.

      Regarding its case mix status: It is still case mix.

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