Valid assessments for M1910

In its April 2010 Q&As, CMS addressed the issue of valid tests on M1910, showing risk of falls. The Timed Up and Go test is a falls risk assessment, and CMS noted that the TUG test is validated and standardized.

Your patient must be able to get up and walk to perform this test. What if the patient is bedbound or chairbound and unable to perform the TUG but still is at risk for falls based on a non-validated falls risk test?

How should M1910 be answered?

There are other validated falls risk assessments for bedbound and chairbound patients. You can review Chapter 3 of the OASIS manual to see more thoughts from CMS.

As for M1910, it needs to be answered in the negative if one of the factors in the multifactor falls risk assessment is not validated.

Looking for that April 2010 Q&A?

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