Learn the timing of transfers

This question on transfers recently came to me: We have a home health patient admitted on 7/21 to our agency. On 7/24 he was admitted to inpatient acute care for dehydration, acute renal failure and UTI . However, he was discharged in less than 24 hours. According to the [OASIS] Manual, if it is less than 24hrs, it does not count as admission.
So do we need to do transfer and an ROC?

Lisa says:

To meet the criteria for transfer the patient must:
1) Be admitted as an inpatient;
2) Reside as an inpatient for at least 24 hours (not including time spent in ER); and
3) Be treated for a condition (not for diagnostic purposes).
Your situation does not require a transfer and ROC.

Want to learn more about the specifics of transfers? Go to Chapter 3, Section O (Emergent Care) of the OASIS manual, to see what criteria CMS has put around transfers.

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