M0090, M1350, and M2004 questions answered

Here are answers to three recent questions that I have fielded on OASIS:

For M0090, we’ve heard that is the date that we  (RNs) complete the OASIS assessment, including getting frequency from PT, OT, ST, and response from MD if any abnormalities with meds are found … this occurs all in a five-day window. Others are teaching to put the M0o90 date as the date we (RNs) complete the assessments without info from others. How do we fill this item?

Lisa says: The assessing clinician has six days to complete the SOC assessment.  (Assessment is day zero + five days.) This time period includes collaboration with other clinicians, i.e., M2200, and waiting for the physician’s response for M2250. M0090 is the date the assessment is completed, and it is not complete until that info has been received.

If you address a wound under Wound 1 in M1350, do you answer as a ‘yes’? Or does this question only apply to the previous questions about ulcers. If you have a PICC line that you address later in the SOC, do you answer M1350 as ‘yes’?

Lisa says: M1350 includes any wounds or skin lesions OTHER than the pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers, surgical wounds already addressed, and bowel ostomies, which are also addressed in another item. The answer ‘yes’ on M1350 means that the skin lesion or wound requires intervention and assessment. PICC lines that require intervention ARE included.

Let’s say that the SOC and DC OASIS are all that were completed when answering M2004. You answered it as ‘no’ on the SOC because you did not receive a response from the MD in 24 hours, you have addressed all issues, and no new issues have appeared. Do you answer this as ‘NA’ or ‘no’ if the MD did not respond in the 24 hours from the SOC OASIS?
Lisa says: If the physician does not respond within one calendar day (which can be longer than 24 hours, given the way CMS has defined it) the answer has to be ‘no’ on M2004. If there were no issues identified, then ‘NA’ would be the correct answer. Keep alert to news on this, as some recent CMS guidance could muddy this answer.

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