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August 12, 2010

2011 code thoughts

Go to the Musings of a Code-a-holic page to see my thoughts on the Oct. 1 changes!

August 5, 2010

When are PT/INRs considered skilled care?

There is a lot of confusion over skilled care when it comes to venipuncture ….

Venipuncture is considered a skill, just not a qualifying skill. Most likely you are performing observation and assessment of the condition that requires an anticoagulant. If performing the PT/INR by one of the machines, it is still a skill.

To code correctly, code the condition, then V58.83 (Encounter for therapeutic monitoring of medications), and V58.61 (Long term use of anticoagulants).

August 3, 2010

NAHC releases new best practices for falls prevention

From NAHC:

The Home Health Quality Improvement National Campaign has released a Best Practice Intervention Package that addresses best practices associated with fall prevention. While some of the information will be familiar to agencies, many of the resources are new. Specifically, the package incorporates guidelines from the 2010 publication of the American Geriatric Society, the British Geriatric Society Clinical Practice Guidelines: Prevention of Falls in Older Persons.

The Best Practice Intervention Package (BPIP) aims to provide home care leaders with guidance in selecting best practices for the development of proactive fall prevention programs. In addition, the BPIP provides clinicians with tools and resources to assist them in assessing fall risk and implementing fall prevention strategies.
The Fall Prevention BPIP includes:

  • Fall Prevention Information for Leadership,
  • Suggested Timeline for BPIP,
  • Focus on Fall Prevention,
  • Checklist for Agency Leadership (Select interventions),
  • Tools and Resources,
  • Links to Success Stories,
  • Organizational Culture, and
  • Physician Perspective.

All participants in the Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) National Campaign can download the fall prevention BPIP for free from
HHQI has released two other BPIPs: one on introduction and fundamentals of reducing avoidable hospitalizations; and one on improving management of oral medications.

(Best Practices Information Prepared by the Home Health Quality Improvement National Campaign.)

August 2, 2010

HHS withdraws breach notification interim rule

HHS has released a short statement suspending the interim breach rules:

“HHS is withdrawing the breach notification final rule from OMB review to allow for further consideration, given the Department’s experience to date in administering the regulations.  This is a complex issue and the Administration is committed to ensuring that individuals’ health information is secured to the extent possible to avoid unauthorized uses and disclosures, and that individuals are appropriately notified when incidents do occur.  We intend to publish a final rule in the Federal Register in the coming months.”

View the full HHS release