Rehab facility status is key to answering M1010, M1012, M1016

Are rehabilitation facilities considered inpatient settings? That is the key to answering M1010, M1012 and M1016 correctly if you patient comes from such a facility.

Let’s say a patient is discharged from a hospital on Sept. 1 and goes to a rehab facility and isn’t discharged from their until Sept 24. SOC is Sept. 25.

How should M1010 (inpatient diagnosis), M1012 (inpatient procedures) and M1016 (regimen change) be answered?

The key is to remember that a rehab facility is an inpatient facility (see M1000), so the diagnoses treated there would pertain to M1010 and M1016. Procedures would not be performed at a rehab facility, so M1012 wouldn’t apply.

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