SOC dates, SOC for OASIS … how do they work, again?

I get timing questions all the time regarding SOC. Here is a recent one that should help other agencies tweak their processes or know that they’re on steady ground with CMS.

Question: Our staff are being assigned a “first visit” that will establish the SOC date (first visit being a billable visit), but not doing the SOC OASIS on that first visit.  The SOC OASIS will be done within five days.

Is this in accordance with guidelines? And here is a date-specific example: If “first visit” is 9/27/10, does that mean SOC OASIS must be completed by 10/01(include 9/27) or 10/2 (5 days after soc)?

Lisa says: Yes, the described practice is fine. The SOC date is the first billable visit. The OASIS can be done as late as five days after the SOC. In your example, if first billable visit (SOC) is 9/27, then OASIS has to be completed by 10/2. SOC counts as day zero.

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