V53.99 is not a wound VAC code

A treat today … no tricks. Another clarification on wound VAC coding …

I’ve posted several pressure ulcer/wound VAC answers lately (look in the archives of this blog, or click on the keywords at the bottom of this post!) Here’s another one that I hope gets us to better coding:

Question: May we use the aftercare code of V53.99 to capture the use of the VAC?
Lisa says: V53.99 is fitting and adjustment of other device and is very non-specific. There is no specific code for wound VACs. Also consider that most wounds that require a wound VAC are complicated wounds, so what does that mean about using a V code?

You DON’T use V codes for complicated codes.

The wound VAC is simply a wound dressing, so IF a V code is appropriate, use V58.30 or V58.31. If the wound is complicated, then just code the wound. I do not recommend the use of V53.99 for wound vacs.

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