Code ostomy takedowns by disease

An ostomy takedown, where the stoma and skin opening are closed, should be coded by the original reason for the ostomy.

If the patient had colon cancer and needed a colostomy, code V58.42 for aftercare of surgery. Code the colon cancer as appropriate for an active disease or M1024 if no longer active. If the patient had a bowel obstruction or diverticulitis that resulted in the ostomy, V58.73 would be coded for aftercare. The bowel obstruction is mostly resolved so would be coded in M1024, not M1022. Diverticulitis could be resolved or still active so the choice of coding the condition in M1022 depends on whether the condition is resolved or not.

With the takedown, the opening is no longer there, so V55.3 is not a valid code. V55 codes deal with permanent ostomies!

Remember with an aftercare of surgery code that the dressing change is not part of the aftercare, so if a dressing change is part of your care,  also code V58.3x, wound dressing codes.

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