Keep alert on HIPAA 5010 & D.0 implementation dates

Please see reminders and links to guidance documents below to learn about current, upcoming, and past events that have taken placed during this implementation process.

1.   ANNOUNCEMENT – January 1, 2011 marked the beginning of the 501/D.0 transition year!

2.   READINESS ASSESSMENT – Have you done the following to be ready for 5010/D.0?

3.   READINESS ASSESSMENT – What do you need to have in place to test with your MAC?

4.   REMINDER – 5010/D.0 Errata requirements and testing schedule can be found here.

5.   REMINDER – Contact your MAC for their testing schedule.

For all the National Call information, please visit the 5010 National Calls section of our Versions 5010 & D.0 website. Also view Versions 5010 & D.0 for an overview and all information on the implementation of HIPAA 5010 & D.0.

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