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May 26, 2011

Develop 20/20 369 coding

Use of the 369 codes …. I feel like we education on it a lot, but people are still not sure about how and when to code.

Take low vision … when can that be coded? When a patient has blurry vision or they can’t read medication labels?

The 369 codes can be used if the patient is blind. The 369 codes are otherwise limited to vision loss due to an eye condition that is not correctable by glasses, i.e., glaucoma, cataracts, hemianopsia, retinopathy, etc. It is NOT for use just because the patient cannot see medication labels.

May 26, 2011

Oops! That darn POC and case mix codes

Thank you to a subscriber who asked about a recent entry … sometimes we all lose track of the information floating in our heads:
Question: I have been following your blog entries. On April 15, 2011, you blogged that the resolved case-mix codes need to be placed on the POC. You suggested field 21. In order for me to change a current practice, I need the resource for your quote. I can not seem to find it in the CoP’s. Would you mind giving me the resource?

Lisa says: That was actually an older blog that got recycled by mistake.
There was a requirement in the OASIS manual, but when the OASIS manual was revised it was omitted. We dont know whether it was omitted by mistake or on purpose.