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July 18, 2011

Cystostomy gets its codes … about time!

We’ve known for a long time that there should be more specific cystostomy codes, and the 2012 code set is finally helping us out.

596.8 is now 596.8x … a subclassification dealing with cystostomy infections and complications. Until Oct. 1, we will still be forced to code cystostomy infections with the vague 997.5, Urinary complications. After that, it’s a bonanza of 596.8x codes, and I think that they will be case-mix.

Don’t forget to scan documentation for the specific organism or reason for infection with 596.81, Infection of cystostomy.

Important: You cannot code V55.5, Attention to cystostomy, when there is an infection or complication. Ever.

Specifics of the new codes:
596.81 Infection of cystostomy
Use additional code to specify type of infection, such as:
abscess or cellulitis of abdomen (682.2)
septicemia (038.0-038.9)
Use additional code to identify organism (041.00-041.9)
596.82 Mechanical complication of cystostomy
Malfunction of cystostomy
596.83 Other complication of cystostomy
596.89 Other specified disorders of bladder
Bladder hemorrhage
Bladder hypertrophy
Calcified bladder
Contracted bladder