Big letters count as help on M2020

CMS has clarified some behaviors that should make you mark a ‘1’ on M2020. This is from the recent April Q&As.

Question: I have a patient who has macular degeneration with partial vision loss. Her son writes big letters on her medication bottles so the patient is able to correctly identify the medications. How should M2020 be correctly marked?

Answer: If the patient requires the assistance of someone, other than the pharmacy, to set-up the medications in order to take the correct dose, at all the prescribed times, the patient would be scored a “1” on M2020, Management of Oral Medications. Set-up could include placing the medications in a medi-planner or other container or device or modifying the original medication container to enable the patient to access their medications correctly, e.g. removing childproof lids, marking the label for the visually impaired or illiterate, or pouring into individual cups.

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