Train on ICD-9 to prepare for ICD-10

Prior to the news about the postponement of ICD-10 the most common question was, “Why should we continue with ICD-9 training when “10” is on the horizon?” The answer is simple. At the very least we still need to understand & correctly assign ICD-9 codes until 10/1/13.

I am holding ICD-9 education that also prepares you for the ICD-10 transition in Tampa, Florida; Houston, Grapevine, and Corpus Christie, Texas.

We still need training because we are mandated by regulations to only enter accurate information in our patients’ records. Erroneous coding can have horrible unintended consequences for the patient whose medical record becomes contaminated by diagnoses that they don’t have.

If you think there’s nothing new in coding, then you’re wrong! There is more scrutiny in the form of medical reviews.

Lisa will provide ICD-9 answers and food for thought for the future, as well as an extra bonus of what’s new with ICD-10-CM and how to best ready your agency for this huge change.
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