Communicating ICD-10 to payers

CMS is offering more advice and information on the ICD-10 transition. This focuses on talking to your payers:

As you prepare for ICD-10, check with your payers to be sure they are moving forward with ICD-10 planning. You will want to work together to ensure you meet the ICD-10 deadline – October 1, 2014.

Here are some questions to ask your payers:

  • Are you prepared to meet the ICD-10 deadline of October 1, 2014? Where is your organization in the transition process?
  • Who will be my primary contact at your organization for the ICD-10 transition?
  • Can we set up regular check-in meetings to keep our progress on track?
  • When will you be ready to accept test transactions from my practice?
  • What will we need to test with you?
  • Do you anticipate any changes in policies or delays in payments to result from the switch to ICD-10?

CMS’s ICD-10 website

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