If wound margins meet on pressure ulcers, do you have 1 ulcer or 2?

A clarification from CMS regarding M1308:

Question: Upon admission, our patient had 2 distinct pressure ulcers in close proximity. Over the course of the episode the ulcers deteriorate and no longer have any separating tissue. Do we now call this 1 pressure ulcer at the worst stage?
Answer from CMS: If the patient had one pressure ulcer and then later developed another pressure ulcer, and eventually the wound margins met, it would be counted as two ulcers, as long as it remains possible to differentiate one ulcer from another based on wound margins. Depending on the timing and progression, it may be difficult for the clinician to know that a current ulcer was once two ulcers, and/or where one ulcer ends and another begins for assessment/reporting purposes. It would be up the assessing clinician to determine the number of pressure ulcers in situations where multiple ulcers
may have merged together.

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