But It’s Not An Ulcer!- Part Two

In addition to the comment about how can it be a stage 1 ulcer when the skin is intact?……How often have you heard – “I’m certain it’s only a stage 2, it’s not a very deep wound!”

The recently released NPUAP guidelines for pressure injury staging includes clarifications that will assist with promoting accurate documentation and may positively impact your reimbursement and outcomes.

Assessing wounds can be confusing, especially when it comes to wound areas caused by unrelieved pressure.  As we know, physicians are the ones who must diagnose the wound type (in this topic referring to pressure), nursing can then define the stage.

Looking forward to CMS adopting the new terminology for OASIS and as it correlates for coding. WOCN will be discussing the updates as approved by the NPUAP in June.

Whether or not these changes make it to the OASIS C2 before it is implemented in January 2017 is questionable. The IMPACT Act has pushed for changes in standardized, cross-setting measures for post-acute care, so it may be impossible for CMS to switch gears and make such changes across the board for all post-acute settings. Included in the IMPACT Act are several quality measure domains updates. The first data collection to be standardized across all care settings are the skin integrity and medication reconciliation domains.

Thanks to guest bloggers, Sue Kennedy, RN, BS, CWOCN, FACCWS, and Debbie Ritter, RN, BSN, CWOCN, FACCWS owners of RitKen & Associates, LLC for their update on WOCN.

Sue can be reached at sue@ritkenassociates.com and Debbie at debbie@ritkenassociates.com

Selman-Holman & Associates, LLC will have RitKen & Associates, LLC participate in some education offerings very soon regarding the changes in pressure ulcer guidelines.

Click here to read the original Press Release from NPUAP.

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