Memorial Day: A Time to Reflect

As we pack the car for the long weekend trip or get the BBQ ready for a barrage of goodies, it is also an opportunity to stop and reflect upon the origin of this holiday.

In our busy lives it is easy to take for granted all the freedoms and luxuries our nation affords us and the men and women who sacrificed the most to ensure we keep those freedoms.

Memorial Day is not just a day off from work. Memorial Day is a reminder of bravery, a reason to stop and honor those we lost…ones we loved and those we never met. Our fallen service-members have earned our eternal gratitude for their heroic sacrifice. And along with the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, we should recognize and celebrate others who worked beside them– photographers, writers, doctors and nurses. There were many in the trenches and all of them should be remembered on this day.

So in the midst of your day off, take time to lift a glass or tip your hat and reflect on the meaning of this special day.

God Bless America

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