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As Independence Day soon approaches it gives us an opportunity to slow down and pause from our regular routine. Many of us will spend the weekend celebrating with family and friends, sharing food and exchanging stories and hopefully catching glimpses of fireworks as they light up our sky. We hope this break from your mainstream, hectic life offers a time to reflect and embrace the glory that is our country. With recent events and political uncertainty regarding the upcoming election, our country has been divided, divisive, and downtrodden. The 4th of July is the perfect reminder that despite all our differences as a people, we are a strong, remarkably resilient nation. We stand tall in the face of adversity and we have proven that we can come together in unity. We are extremely blessed to be Americans and that right does not come without great cost. As we recognize our independence, let it not be without recognizing the hard road it took to get there. We are proud. Proud of the past and what it took to gain our independence and proud of our future and the endless possibilities for our country. Celebrate with a new resolve and infinite hopefulness. This is the greatest country on earth. God bless each of you and God bless America!

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