Wearing your favorite green clothes or accessories for this particular holiday is common, sharing a pint of green beer is considered festive, but actually ‘turning’ green can be a whole different game changer.

There are several instances when your skin and even your blood can become green. For instance, many people have worn jewelry that have caused their skin to become green. It is due to the copper in the metal. When people sweat, it reacts with the copper resulting in the corrosion of copper, hence salt compounds are created. The salt of copper is green.

Another example of greenish skin is due to anemia. An iron deficiency can cause the green tint. On the other side, if you take an iron supplement, your stools can turn green due to a significant effect on the digestive system. Same goes if you eat large quantities of leafy green vegetables or high doses of certain antibiotics, or lots of licorice jelly beans (but you didn’t hear that from me).

It has also been noted that blood has turned green after taking higher than prescribed doses of sumatriptan.

The most dangerous notations of green skin is organ failure, which requires due diligence when recognizing any discoloration of your skin.


So enjoy your corned beef and cabbage or your green beer but never dismiss this symptom if it presents without obvious explanation.



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