Home Health Insight is a blog by Lisa Selman-Holman that is devoted to home health coding and clinical issues, and providing education and tips to those in the home health market. Here, information is learned, news is broken, and ideas are shared.

Who is Lisa Selman-Holman?

LisaLisa is a 23-year veteran of home care as an RN. She has experience as a field nurse, director and executive with home and hospice agencies, both large and small. Soon after graduating from University of Houston with her law degree, she took a position as the Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Texas Association for Home Care where she advocated for home care agencies and acted as a regulatory resource. She participated in the writing of the home care regulations in Texas as well as the Nursing Delegation rules and rules regarding Nursing Peer Review in Texas. She has been involved in accreditation surveys, acquisitions and many regulatory crises with state survey agencies and the intermediary, including termination proceedings and investigations. Part of her responsibilities have included legal and risk management, acting as Compliance Officer, development of policies and forms, survey compliance, appeals of Medicare denials, writing Corrective Action Plans, start-ups of parent and branch agencies, consulting with agencies on a variety of subjects and education of staff. Lisa established her own home care and hospice consulting company, Selman-Holman & Associates, LLC, in 2004.
Lisa is certified as a Homecare Coding Specialist-Diagnosis (HCS-D) and is certified in OASIS competency, COS-C. She is the consulting editor to Eli Research’s Home Health ICD-9 Alert and is the technical editor to Decision Health’s Diagnosis Coding Pro for Home Health. She is a frequent contributor to other home care periodicals. She is a member of the Board of Medical Specialty Coding (BMSC) specialty advisory board on home health coding and is a BMSC approved instructor for the HCS-D exam. She has participated on the OASIS Certificate and Competency Board on the Exam Review Task Force. She is an active member of the Texas Association for Home Care and frequently serves on regulatory task forces. She also is participating with the Texas Medical Foundation’s Quality Improvement Organization State Home Health Coalition for OBQI.

Although, Lisa is well known for her education on coding, Lisa has wide expertise in home care and hospice issues.

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Lisa Selman-Holman JD, BSN, RN, HCS-D, COS-C


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  1. Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can find the final outcome measures that will be publicly reported for OASIS C? I have one publication that says ambulation will not be reported and another that says it will. I also here that there may be changes in the wound outcome area. Will improvement in status of surgical wounds still be a publicly reported outcome?

  2. I am trying to get some clarification on when to fill in M1024 if a v code is used in place of a case mix.
    It was my understanding that you would fill in M1024 if a v code was used in the primary spot for an acute or resoved condition or a DM, Nuero or Skin 1 code. You would not fill in M1024 for a v code in the primary spot if the condition was still active and going to be listed in the secodary spots, other than the DM, Nuero or Skin 1 code.
    Also what about v codes in the secondary spots, do we need to fill in M1024?
    Not sure this is the correct place to ask a question but my company asked this earlier today.

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