CoDR Coding Services!

Coding Done Right …

It’s necessary for proper reimbursement that reflects patient care and skilled services provided.

It’s necessary so your agency can stand up to an audit.

It’s necessary to have a coding expert do the work.

Selman-Holman & Associates provides outsourced coding performed by certified home care coders with many years experience specifically in home care.

In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, it is now more important than ever to assure that you are filing accurate claims in order to receive optimal reimbursement for your services. The Claims Processing Manual states that the codes on the claim need to reflect the seriousness of the patient’s condition and justify the disciplines and services. Inexperienced coders can make errors that cost your agency thousands of dollars. In fact, one simple repeated error can cost your agency up to $95,000 per year.

Our certified coding staff has expertise in ICD-9-CM coding and home care coverage, eligibility and operations so that the risk of claim downcoding and denial is reduced. Instead of lost revenue, you can rest assured that your agency’s coding is in compliance with guidelines.

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  1. The majority of our certified home care coders are now also certified in OASIS C!! That’s even more expertise to assure your optimal reimbursement and coding and OASIS compliance!!

  2. will love to receive updated from your blog,

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