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January 31, 2011

Be aware of glaucoma coding

Today is glaucoma awareness day, so let’s take a quick look at this eye disease.

The basics: Increased introcular pressure causes optic nerve damage and loss of vision, beginning with peripheral vision. Early stages of glaucoma do not have symptoms.

Most glaucomas are in Category 365, except for congenital glaucoma (743.20-743.22) and absolute glaucoma (360.42).

Two years ago, CMS removed the manifestation status of all glaucomas except 365.44, Glaucoma associated with systemic syndromes. This code is used when glaucoma is a manifestation of diabetes, as well as several other diseases.

In these cases, make sure to code the diabetes or other underlying disease first.

For congenital glaucoma, it must be documented by the physician.