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April 25, 2012

CMS answers 10 questions on F2F

CMS’s April answers document includes 10 questions on late F2F issues that have been brewing.

Some highlights include:

  • How to answer M0102 and M0104 with a new SOC assessment and late F2F encounter.
  • Whether a new SOC assessment due to late F2F encounter needs to be performed by the clinician who did the original OASIS. (No!)
  • Whether to delete an original OASIS assessment already submitted to the state.

All the goodies are here!

p.s. No new guidance on M1020, M1022, M1024

September 19, 2011

Read up on PT assessment exceptions

CMS has answered issues with single therapy visits …

Question: Can you please clarify this for me? If we are only doing physical therapy (PT) and the 30-day re-evaluation not only falls on the 12 visit and on a Friday and then come Monday is the 13 visit, do I have to send out the PT for another re-evaluation? We are concerned that a 30-day reassessment conducted on the 12th PT visit in single therapy cases will not suffice to meet the 13th therapy visit assessment. If it doesn’t meet requirements, there would be a large financial impact based on non-coverage of subsequent PT visits.

CMS Response: You are correct that for a single therapy case, the therapist must do the reassessment visit exactly on the 13th and 19th visits, unless the rural or documented circumstances outside the control of the therapist exceptions apply as stated in 42 CFR 409.44(C)(2)(i)(C). If neither exception applies, the PT would need to do the reassessment on the 13th visit as required by the regulations.