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December 30, 2011

Gait impairment may impact M1850

CMS has provided some guidance on gait impairment and its potential impact on M1850 …

Question: When completing M1850, Transferring, do I consider the patient’s gait impairment if they must ambulate 12 feet from the bed to get to the closest sitting surface and the need for assistance of another person?
CMS Answer: The need for assistance with gait may impact the M1850, Transferring score if the closest sitting service applicable to the patient’s environment is not next to the bed. M1850 reports the patient’s ability to move from the supine position in bed (or the routine sleeping surface) to a sitting position at the bedside, then some type of standing, stand-pivot, or sliding board transfer to a sitting surface at the bedside. If there is no chair at the bedside, report the ability to transfer from the sleeping surface to whatever sitting surface is applicable to the patient’s environment and need.

If the sleeping surface is in the bedroom and the sitting surface is down the hall in the bathroom and the patient is independent moving from the supine to sitting position, sitting to standing, and then standing to sitting, but requires minimal human assistance or an assistive device to ambulate from the bed to the sitting surface, the appropriate M1850 score would be a “1”. If the patient requires more than minimal assistance or requires both minimal human assistance and an assistive device, the appropriate score would be a “2”.

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