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September 25, 2012

OASIS training in Dallas!

Looking for OASIS-C training? Look no further ….. I’m coming to Texas.

OASISC in Grapevine

August 30, 2012

OASIS expired? No!

The OASIS-C instrument has not expired even though the form contains a July 31, 2012, expiration date. The renewal for the OASIS-C instrument is currently at the Office of Management and Budget. An OASIS-C with a new expiration date will be released once cleared through the renewal process.

We expect M1012 (Procedures) to be deleted as well as changes to the coding data items to allow for ICD-10-CM codes. It is puzzling how CMS intends to re-word the M1020/M1022 item when the codes are no longer V and E codes. Perhaps they will delay that change like they delayed ICD-10!

Want to learn more about OASIS-C? Come to my classes!
Sept 26-27 Oregon Association for Home Care Salem, OR
October 4-5 Home Care Association of Colorado  Denver, CO
November 7-8 Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice  Columbus, OH

June 15, 2012

Get all your OASIS answers with SHA!

Dallas, we’re already coming for coding education, but we’re also bringing OASIS education.

We’ll go beyond the basics in Dallas on June 28  to teach you about OASIS. Learn:

  • What OASIS is used for, and why accurate and consistent assessment really matters
  • How to score OASIS items on a Start of Care assessment
  • Techniques to improve assessment accuracy and speed
  • How responses to individual OASIS items impact your agency’s reimbursement, OBQI outcome scores, and OBQM avoidable events
  • How the new risk adjustment model works, and how your clinicians’ OASIS responses shape your agency’s case mix profile and outcomes
  • How to put all the pieces together to improve care delivery and quality outcomes
April 6, 2012

CMS finally has some OASIS-C training

CMS has posted its first OASIS C training module, which addresses medication items.

The agency says more sessions should come online soon, including: care planning and interventions; neuro/emotional/behavioral status items; and integumentary/pressure ulcer items.

April 6, 2012

OASIS C-1 on the way … and with ICD-10

Thanks to HCLA for letting us know a little about what was said at the recent NAHC conference in Washington DC.
A CMS representative said a new OASIS … C-1 … is in the works.
Pat Sevast of CMS said the revisions are centered about the switch to ICD-10 coding.
While CMS has announced a delay to the implementation of ICD-10, “we are proceeding as if ICD-10 is going to be implemented Oct. 1, 2013,” she said. That’s because CMS’s delay for the new coding set won’t be official until it finishes rulemaking.