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October 25, 2011

Answers to when we have to report admissions

Too often we learn about transfers of our patients after the fact. CMS released its 3rd quarter Q&As recently and addressed the item, including the turnaround time when we have to report the transfer.

Question 1: A patient is seen monthly. On a monthly visit, which falls within the last five days of the certification period, the assessing clinician discovers the patient had a qualifying hospital admission since the last monthly visit that our agency was not aware of. Do we complete a Transfer, Resumption and Recert or just the Transfer and Resumption?

Answer 1: When the agency learns of a qualifying Transfer after the patient returned home, a Transfer and Resumption is required within 2 calendar days after learning of the inpatient stay. In this situation, a Transfer is required; and, since the time frame to complete the Resumption overlaps with the timeframe to complete the Recertification, the ROC assessment should be completed, fulfilling both the ROC and Recert requirements.

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April 26, 2011

Major improvement or decline require a follow-up assessment

Question: Let’s say that I did a recert on 4/11/2011 and then the patient had an outpatient mastectomy 4/12/2011.  I went to see her on 4/13/2011, which was the first day of her recert. Would this visit be considered a SCIC or can we do as a regular visit and a telephone order for the orders of the mastectomy care?

Lisa says: A follow-up assessment is required for a major improvement or decline in condition, but your policy defines  major improvement or decline. You must complete another follow-up assessment if the circumstances meet your policy.