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July 27, 2011

Attack of the Vs

As usual, there are a large number of V code changes as the code year changes. A look at some that we might use …. appropriately and sparingly!

V12.5 Diseases of circulatory system: The subclassification at V12.5x now splits out venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. History of pulmonary embolism has its own code: V12.55.
V12.5 Diseases of circulatory system

      Excludes: history of anaphylactic shock (V13.81)
    V12.51 Venous thrombosis and embolism
      Excludes: pulmonary embolism (V12.55)
    V12.55 Pulmonary embolism

V19.1 Family history of other conditions, other eye disorders, now includes a family history of glaucoma code (V19.11)
V19 Family history of other conditions
    V19.1 Other eye disorders
      V19.11 Glaucoma
      V19.19 Other specified eye disorder

V40 Mental and behavioral problems now takes on Wandering in diseases (see the post on dementia!)
V40 Mental and behavioral problems

     V40.3 Other behavioral problems
       V40.31Wandering in diseases classified elsewhere
         Code first underlying disorder such as:
           Alzheimer’s disease (331.0)
           autism or pervasive developmental disorder (299.0-299.9)
           dementia, unspecified, with behavioral disturbance (294.21)
           intellectual disabilities (317-319)
       V40.39 Other specified behavioral problem

V54 Other orthopedic aftercare
     V54.8 Other orthopedic aftercare
       V54.82 Aftercare following explantation of joint prosthesis
           Aftercare following explantation of joint prosthesis, staged procedure
           Encounter for joint prosthesis insertion following prior explantation of joint prosthesis

V55 Attention to artificial openings: Note the new exclusions because of the new cystostomy complication codes
V55 Attention to artificial openings
Excludes: complications of external stoma (519.00-519.09, 569.60-569.69, 596.81-596.83, 997.49, 997.5)

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June 30, 2011

New codes quiz time

It’s that time of year … the final new code lists are out, and we need to start learning. Here are some fill-in-the-blank to help you learn new codes: (Answers at the bottom)

1. Look up this main term to see changes to 416.8

2. You should use one or two additional codes (if you have documentation) with this new Infection of cystostomy code

3. Category 539 deals with complications of these procedures

4. Acquired absence of a joint now has this subcategory

5. Several codes, including chronic pulmonary embolism (416.2) and pulmonary embolism and infarction (415.1) now have excludes notes for these types of codes

6. Other infections with the central _____ catheter has new codes

7. This code now deals with aggressive behavior in dementia

8. Influenza codes in categories 487 and ___ have gotten more specific

9. *Local* infection due to central venous catheter is coded here

10. This chapter received a new title this year

11. There are more than 10 new codes and 20 revisions for this eye disease

12. NCHS’s correction addendum swapped out V54.81 with V54.82 when coding this V58 subcategory

13. V40.31, Wandering in diseases classified elsewhere, excludes Alzheimer’s and this symptom often association with Alzheimer’s

14. Complications codes are getting more complicated. Don’t code 596.8x with this urinary complications code

15. When coding some atherosclerosis codes, watch the use additional code note on some codes in this category

16. Pelvic fractures (808.5x) now have specificity for open or ______

17. This phrase is now used to describe the previously known “mental retardation”

18. For skin cancer codes, a fifth-digit of 2 designates squamous cell _____

More to come on new codes, but if you’re looking for the complete Index and Tabular listings, as well as the errata, go to this NCHS list.


1. hypertension; 2. 596.81; 3. bariatric; 4. V88.2; 5. personal history; 6. venous; 7. 294.21; 8. 488; 9. 999.93; 10. five; 11. glaucoma; 12. V58.9; 13. dementia; 14. 997.5; 15. 707; 16. closed; 17. intellectual disabilities; 18. carcinoma